Crochet Soap


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This soap doesn't contain any of my typical additives, such as clays, botanicals, essential oils, etc. I made pure soap. The high percentage of the (unsaponified) oils listed below confer the lather a creamy consistency and conditioning properties. This is a hypoallergenic soap, especially designed for people with allergies or extremely sensitive skin. Using a technique called 'ghost swirl', I achieved a design that reminds me of a crochet doily 😊. I made soap batter with different water percentages at different temperatures, allowing only some parts of the soap to go through the 'gel phase'. This way, I get different degrees of opacity in the same soap without adding anything to it. Its smell is fresh and sweet, the most delicate smell of 'clean" I can think of... The smell of pure soap.

oils and butters
olive oil, coconut oil, mango butter, castor oil, rapeseed oil, rice oil, almond oil, cocoa butter

no essential oils and other additives