Harlequin Soap


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This scrub soap is rich in precious botanicals that lend it lots of antioxidants, precious fatty acids, vitamins and a special texture. Rubbing this soap on the skin results in a gentle massage that stimulates the superficial microcirculation and exfoliates. A real treat for the skin! With a "drop swirl" technique, I alternated "drops" of different colours, each of which contains a different botanical and scrub agent: the brown drops contain cocoa powder and poppy seeds, the green drops, nettle and birch leaves, the yellow ones, turmeric and calendula flowers, the red drops, madder root and sandalwood and lastly, the white ones contain white kaolin clay and poppy seeds. I used coconut milk as a base for this soap, which gives extra creaminess and conditioning properties to the lather. The scent is fresh and sweet, blending perfectly with the aroma of the botanicals.

oils and butters
olive oil, babassu oil, mango butter, castor oil, rice oil, cocoa butter, apricot oil, rapeseed oil, neem oil

essential oils
lavender, orange, myrrh, frankincense, ylang ylang

coconut milk, kaolin clay, madder root, sandalwood, turmeric, calendula flowers, cocoa powder, poppy seeds, nettle, birch leaves, agave syrup