Heavy-duty Soap


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The ideal soap to for very dirty hands and for a deep scrub massage. It is great to remove grease and grime. I used 90% coconut oil for a high cleansing soap. To compensate the drying effect of coconut oil soap, I used high superfat (the amount of unaltered oils in the final bar). I made 2 versions: with 8% superfat and 15% superfat. The coconut oil soap strips the grease away from the hands and the superfat replenishes the natural occurring oils, effectively conditioning the skin. I added the ground pumice collected from the beach, coffee grounds and dried orange zest for extra scrub. The mechanical action of these additives helps remove the dirt, while providing a deep exfoliation of the skin. This soap works like a charm on areas of thickened skin, like callouses or under the feet.

Because of the high concentration of scrub agents, this soap is very hard when dry: before using it, wet the bar and let it absorb moisture for a little while. This soap will clean deeply your skin leaving it extremely smooth and soft