Luca's hands Soap


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My nephew Luca needs a special soap because of the delicate complexion of the skin on his hands. I selected all the best ingredients that may help to heal and soothe skin conditions. I used the precious gel inside a big succulent aloe vera leaf as base to make this soap. And for the special occasion, I opened a special bottle! A one-year-old elderflowers and oil infusion, renowned for its anti-inflammatory and lenitive effect on the skin. Other additives present in this soap are nettle, turmeric, calendula, colloidal oatmeal and agave syrup. All these lend precious properties and a special texture to the soap that provides a useful massage on the skin, stimulating the microcirculation and exfoliating gently. The choice of essential oils has been made with the same criteria: heal and calm inflamed skin. The resulting blend is fresh and floral, complementing the pungent smell of the neem oil. With antimicrobial, soothing and conditioning properties, this soap is ready and available, not only for Luca's hand!

oils and butters
olive oil, babassu oil, shea butter, neem oil, almond oil, avocado oil, castor oil, hemp oil, cocoa butter

essential oils
peppermint, tea tree, lemongrass, bergamot, frankincense, orange

elderflowers infused olive oil, calendula, nettle, turmeric, agave syrup, colloidal oatmeal, aloe vera