Night and Day Soap


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I made two soaps with the same design, oils and essential oil blend but different color palettes using various botanicals and charcoal. The Day Soap, with its blue, green, and red lines, reminds me of a bright morning when the white sun reflects on the water and illuminates the nature around. The Night Soap takes me to the same spot hours later, when a bright cone of a flashlight fills in for the absent sun. Both the Night and Day Soaps produce a light, creamy lather fragrant with winter spices, tree resins, and fresh herbs. The beneficial botanicals lend the soaps soothing properties and beautiful soft colours.

oils and butters.
coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, almond oil, rice oil, cocoa butter

essential oils
eucalyptus, orange, citronella, anice, grapefruit, pine, lemongrass

kaolin clay, activated charcoal, indigo, alfalfa, madder root, kaolin clay, colloidal oatmeal