Playing Card Suits Soap


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Imagine a whole deck of cards made of soap! I'd love to make one one day. This time, I just experimented with different botanicals to create drafts of the suits of my future soap deck. There are shapes in indigo blue, alfalfa green, turmeric yellow and paprika red. Each of these botanicals is rich in precious elements that promote skin health. The essential oil blend is fresh and balsamic, with woody and herbal notes. Oatmeal adds soothing properties and extra creaminess to the lather.
oils and butters
olive oil, babassu oil, shea butter, rapeseed oil, castor oil, rice oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter
essential oils
eucalyptus, rosemary, cedarwood, lavender
turmeric, paprika, alfalfa, indigo, colloidal oatmeal, kaolin clay, sugar