Summer on a Solitary Beach Soap


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This soap produces a bubbly lather that cleanses and purifies well leaving the skin soft and smooth. The essential oil blend is fresh, citrusy, floral and balsamic, like the summer. An ideal every day hand soap.

'Summer on a Solitary Beach' is an homage to the Sicilian Franco Battiato, who recently passed away. I have no words to describe the emotions, love and ideas that Battiato's brilliant music instilled in me. I'll miss you very much F.

"Mare mare mare voglio annegare 
portami lontano a naufragare.         
via via via da queste sponde.        
portami lontano sulle onde."           
("Summer on a solitary beach". F.B.)

(Sea sea sea, I want to drown
Take me far away to sink
Away, away, away from these shores
Bring me far away on waves)

oils and butters
olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, rice oil, avocado oil, almond oil, castor oil, cocoa butter

essential oil
lemongrass, lime, eucalyptus, lavender

kaolin clay, sugar