Whirlwind Soap


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In this soap, I wanted to reproduce the sinuous silhouette of a whirlwind seen from far away. I wondered, then, what the (whirl)wind smelled like and pine, camphor, eucalyptus came to my mind. The resulting essential oil blend is fresh and balsamic, with resinous and herbal notes. I keep some of this soap in my closet and I absolutely love how it perfumes the clothes. The lather cleanses gently leaving the skin soft and elastic thanks to the presence of rice starch, one of my favourite additives, with soothing and conditioning properties. A versatile soap, suitable for hands, shower... and the closet! 

oils and butters
olive oil, babassu oil, mango butter, avocado oil, rice oil, castor oil, rapeseed oil, cocoa butter

essential oils
eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, camphor, pine

kaolin clay, sugar, vitamin E oil, rice starch